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Antimicrobial Coatings & Protectants - NonToxic Disinfectants & Sanitizers

Our innovative antimicrobial coatings and specialty long-term multi-surface antimicrobial protectants meet the sustainability and quality standards you've come to expect from Eco Safety Products. Over the last five years of research and development and two years of extensive testing, we developed safe and effective antimicrobial solutions!

Our 3-Step Infection Control Program: Antimicrobial Products & Solutions

The unexpected development of COVID-19 led to the launch of our non toxic antimicrobial agents collection. We were asked to solve critical issues related to infection control programs. Those challenges include eliminating the use of chemicals of high concern, overcome user application error, overcome long product dwell times and to increase product efficacy lifespan.

Our solution is a 3-step Safer High Touch Surfaces Program:
1) Disinfect: Defender, A Non-Toxic EPA Registered List-N & Biofilm Registered Disinfectant with a 1 to 4-minute kill time. Used against Emerging Viral Pathogens to achieving Food Service Sanitizing.
2) Protect: Eco-AG+, Non-Toxic Antimicrobial Surface Protectants and Surface Coatings that prevent up to 99.99% microbe growth for the lifetime of the film. The perfect compliment for long-term high touch product protection.
3) Clean: Eco-Fast 500, a biodegradable Bio-Based pH neutral micro-emulsion concentrated degreaser & cleaner used for regular maintenance that eliminates organic matter and other contaminants from harboring bacteria.

There are several educational components to adopting correct, effective and safe infection control. There is no one product that does it all. We also do not want to kill or prevent 100% of all pathogens. Our bodies actually need limited exposure to bacteria to help develop our immune systems. When we intake more harmful bacteria than our immune system can handle, we can become ill from the virus and/or bacteria. By decreasing harmful bacteria and microbes while increasing our immune system plays an equally vital role in the fight to control harmful viruses. This effort requires a safe, well balance process.

Our disinfectants, antimicrobial coatings, and antimicrobial protectant spray solutions will help reduce and kill pathogens without the use of toxic chemicals or worrying about user health hazards. Our disinfectant and antimicrobial chemistry also do not contribute to the development of superbugs which is crucial to achieve safe, long term effectiveness.

Our 3-Step Program addresses the need for immediate kill of emerging viruses followed by a complimentary process of treating high touch surfaces with our long term antimicrobial surface coating products that works 24/7 to offer product protection in between disinfecting. Maintaining regular cleaning with the right micro-emulsion multipurpose cleaner further enhances a viral control program by cutting through biofilms and organic matter where bacteria love to grow. The regular maintenance cleaning process will eliminate buildup on surfaces to allow any antimicrobial products to reach its full efficacy when microbes land on the treated surface.

At Eco Safety Products, we care about the environment and creating products that are safe to use. We have created a brand you can trust.