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How to Select Your Decorative Concrete Stain Color Without The Unpredictability of Acid Stain Colors

We've made choosing your concrete stain colors easy and versatile with virtually unlimited color options. You are in complete control in creating the same look of acid stain colors, plus you have the ability to accomplish color blends without using topical acrylic stains that will peel or flake. SoyCrete Concrete Stain provides the concrete artisan with techniques and appearance that no other concrete stain provides.

Understanding Concrete Stain Colors: SoyCrete Concrete Stain comes standard as a semi-transparent concrete stain. Semi-transparent means that the substrate colors, tone, and natural character will show through. Installing a penetrating concrete stain like SoyCrete delivers a non film forming integral color unlike topical stains which are basically a thinner paint film technology. SoyCrete replicates acid stain colors without the guesswork or labor time. No more waiting hours to see the actual color, you will avoid the neutralization process, and you never have concerns of hazmat exposure and proper hazmat disposal. Just like acid stains or any other semi-transparent concrete stain, actual colors are dependent on the concrete mixture, concrete color, surface profile, and amount of concrete stain that is applied. A properly profiled concrete will provide more porosity, thus, more stain and pigment is able to penetrate giving maximum colorization. A properly profiled and absorptive concrete allows you to add additional colors for accents and specialty designs as well. A dense concrete with minimal absorption will limit the amount of concrete stain and pigment to penetrate so your concrete colors may become lighter than expected.

The great news when selecting SoyCrete Concrete Stain is that you are able to adjust your concrete color selection by either requesting a higher pigment loading of your selected color, or purchase the Tint base along with premeasured pigment packs that you simply add to the tint base. This choice will give you the ability to lighten or darken your colors. You may even mix different colors to create your own custom concrete color(s). When using our premeasured pigment packs, you may mix up to three (3) pigment packs to each one gallon of concrete stain base. Adding the maximum pigment pack loading may change the transparency from semi-transparent to semi-opaque or even opaque if the substrate is very porous.

Still Not Sure What Concrete Stain Colors to Choose:
Take out the guesswork by ordering our 2 ounce SoyCrete Concrete Stain Color Samples. Properly prepare and profile a test area and apply the stain samples. You will see the actual color within 15 to 30 minutes. Immediately following your test, power wash, scrub, or sand the test area to remove the test color. You may need to use our EcoFast HD Paint Stripper if has dried to long. Avoid extended dry time beyond 1 hour.

Interior Concrete Stain Colors:
You now have the best selection of decorative concrete stain colors available. Select from 35 standard commercial grade VOC free pigments that are pretinted with your order or you may purchase the tint base and chosen concrete stain color pigment packs.

Exterior Concrete Stain Colors:
Our standard commercial grade pigments are top rated for optimum exterior life and protection. If you are in an environment with very high UV exposure and weathering or just want the best exterior stain lifespan available, select our I.R. (infrared reflective) pigments which are specialty VOC free solar reflective pigments that produce non fading colors with superior weathering and chemical resistance. The solar reflecting pigments will not only provide years of extra life compared to conventional pigments, they will help reflect heat to slow down the eventual emissive heat transfer into the substrate.

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Concrete Stain Color Chart
SoyCrete Concrete Stain Color Chart