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DuraSoy ONE Paint & Primer

A premium interior & exterior non-toxic paint and no VOC paint that is virtually odorless.

DuraSoy ONE Paint & Primer is one of the world's best non-toxic paint products available today. Our no VOC paint uses a proprietary water-based plant oil chemistry and is considered a common sense bridge connecting the best of water based paint and oil based alkyd paint chemistry into one superior paint that has absolutely no toxins, no VOC's, and no solvent odors. We take purified soy oil by-products that are emulsified in water and solvent free 100% acrylics, making it possible to safely and economically replicate petrochemical performance characteristics without the hazards.

You will enjoy its thick creamy smooth consistency that won't spatter and makes trim work or cut-ins a breeze. The high solids mean you are applying more paint and less water for a superior hide compared to traditional water-based paint. Unlike oil based alkyd paints and even many water based paints, DuraSoy ONE dries fast for a quicker return to service. If a second coat is desired, you can recoat in about an hour instead of 4 or more. Applying higher solids paint film that will hide in fewer coats while lowering waste caused by spattering, means you use less product while maximizing your coverage area. It also allows you to easily blend cut-ins with the main body of paint avoiding those annoying shadows. Whether you brush, roll, or spray, you will save time, material, and money.

Residential Painting & Commercial Painting Uses:
Interior or exterior used for painting: drywall, stucco, plaster, wood, reinforced fiber cement, masonry, and primed metals.

Paint Coverage: 350 - 425 square feet per gallon.

Paint Sheen: Available in a "Velvet" and Semi-Gloss sheen options. Velvet is the perfect balance of a high side flat and low side eggshell for the optimal hide of imperfections with excellent cleanability. Under the Velvet Base, you may select our Ceiling Paint option for a true bright white ceiling paint that provides outstanding hide and coverage without leaving a spattering mess. Semi-Gloss provides enhanced water, chemical, and abrasion resistance for high use or moisture prone areas.

Paint Colors: Choose from over 1200 colors from our standard fan deck or select colors from most major manufacturers color deck. Simply select the color deck card that you like, then enter or call in the manufacturer name, color name, and color number if applicable. We can custom color match virtually any color for free. If you have a special color that is on a cloth or other material that can be mailed to us, we can match that too.

Solvent Free | VOC Free | Renewable Content | Recycled Content | Crystalline Silica Free | Virtually Odorless

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