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Notable Green Projects:

We deeply appreciate our dealers, architects, and contractors who have notified us of these notable projects. We will continue to post new projects as they become available.

The Halyard Building, Oregon

Richard Brown Architect, AIA specified Soycrete Concrete Stain for the exterior finish (tilt-up textured panel) on the upper portion of the bldg wall in lieu of an acid stain system. The product's eco-friendly technology meshed well with our office's sustainable / green design objectives which is designed for LEED Gold. The stain was installed on over 10,000 SF of vertical surface. PROJECT NAME: THE HALYARD BUILDING - PROJECT DESCRIPTION: SPECULATIVE 20,000 SF LIGHT INDUSTRIAL BLDG - CLIENT: PORT OF HOOD RIVER, OR - ARCHITECT: RICHARD BROWN ARCHITECT, AIA.
See photo gallery.

Desert Mountain Properties, Apache Golf Club, Scottsdale, AZ
The 15,000+ sq.ft. club house at this Jack Nicklaus designed golf course underwent a green modernization repaint project. The project was awarded to Smith Painting an authorized EcoProCote installer who recommended SoyCrete to achieve the properties objective. The project included a flat paint primer followed by SoyCrete Concrete Stain to provide an upscale decorative Tuscan finish to match the Club's prestigious image at the world famous Desert Mountain Community.
See photo gallery.

Sagewood Retirement Center, Scottsdale, AZ
Decorative Concrete Staining & Scoring completes a sustainably artistic showcase for the main atrium of the newly constructed Sagewood Retirement Center. Soycrete colors used were Desert Mountain and Espresso, then finished with our PolySoy Topcoat finish providing the most sustainable concrete stain system available today. See photo gallery.

City of Tempe Public Works Project, Tempe, AZ
The City of Tempe has selected SoyCrete, our sustainable bio-based concrete stain as the product of choice for a four mile stretch of public walkway. The product offers our patented penetrating technology that incorporates renewable resources, recycled content and low emiitting materials for the most sustainable high performance concrete stain technology available today. Arizona Creative Surfaces has been awarded the installation contract and is an authorized SoyCrete installer. See photo gallery.

Pourtal Wine Bar, Santa Monica, CA.
Designed by Akar Studios, Inc of Santa Monica, where this creative team of architects balance a modern and warm atmosphere for wine enthusiasts while achieving customer demands for eco-friendly options. SoyCrete concrete stain adds sustainable and high performance attributes in this upscale wine bar.
View article in Hospitality Style

30 Minute DIY Projects Segment on the Rachel Ray Show Airs 09/08/09 with Guest Carter Oosterhouse Demonstrates SoyCrete Concrete Stain.
Public Art Commission by the Arts Council of New Orleans and the Joan Mitchell Foundation (Public Art Project)
A $25,000 grant was awarded to 20 local artists in New Orleans to help them rebuild/begin their careers after the damage from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Eric Dallimore, a New Orleans native and artist completed this first public art piece made from reclaimed wood from the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. He cleaned and sanded each piece meticulously and coated them with Poly-Soy Satin topcoat finish to keep with the theme of sculpture of promoting an alternative, better way of working, rather than create a toxic work of art.

Eric Dallimore, Artist Project Profile and Photographs

A link to the ACNO page with description of the entire "Art in Public Places Project" Click Here.

Children's Museum of Phoenix: (Exterior Decorative Art Project)
This special decorative concrete art project is a collaboration between Eco Safety Products, Decorative Concrete Staining & Scoring, 5-Star Eco-Blasting, and Blee Studios, Inc. This unique 3 dimensional art project will become a local showcase inspired by the designs for children's playgrounds by Isamu Noguchi as invisioned by Thomas Blee of Blee Studios.

The exterior areas of the concrete walkway leading into the CMoP will be scored, etched, texturized, and stained to appear as if three dimensional to create a virtual playground for the mind.

CMoP Decorative Art Project Photo Gallery

You Tube Video Interview

Tovrea Castle: (Historic Building Renovation Project)
The story of Tovrea Castle and the Carraro Cactus Garden begins in 1928 when Italian immigrant Alessio Carraro sold his San Francisco sheet metal business and moved to Arizona searching for his American dream. Carraro found that dream in 277 aces of creosote-studded desert in an area that at the time was just east of the Phoenix city limits. Where others saw a barren setting, Alessio envisioned a resort castle surrounded by dense desert vegetation and an expanding resort community. He picked a small rise to build his castle and dubbed his future development "Carraro Heights," a name the city of Phoenix still recognizes today for the site. More...

Taube Museum of Art: (Historic Building Decorative Stain Project)
The museum is listed on the national register of Historic Places. It is located in its downtown setting anchoring the northeast corner of Main Street and Central in Minot, ND. Built in 1925 that once housed the Union National Bank and was the site of the Jacobson Opera House which thrived as the regions cultural and entertainment Mecca for nearly 20 years. More...

Extreme Home Makeover: (SoyCrete Concrete Stain/Acri-Soy Sealer)
Eco Safety Products donates material for an Extreme Home Makeover project in Tucson, Arizona in association with Ultra Diamond and Jade Concrete of Tucson. SoyCrete Concrete Stain & Acri-Soy Sealer were selected to meet an eco-friendly objective with no toxic offgassing and due to the products unique ability to cure quickly under extremely compressed timelines. This was significant when multiple crews work simultaneously without the ability to plan normal construction schedules.

HGTV's "Carter Can" Stain With SoyCrete:
Carter Oosterhouse uses sustainable cedar and eco-friendly concrete stain in a backyard makeover.
View the HGTV link here.

USGBC LEED Certified Facilities:

Phoenix, Az: Habitat for Humanity LEED-Homes Platinum Net Zero (EnerG H.R. Paint & DuraSoy Paint)
The EnerG H.R. Paint System was selected for exterior applications to help reduce the sun's energy from entering the building to further assist in maximum energy efficiency. DuraSoy Paint was selected for all interior applications for its zero VOC, and sustainable attributes. Being a repelling paint with twice the solids, provides more durability and is much easier to keep clean. Click here to view the Facebook photo gallery link

Thin Flats, Philadelphia:
Aiming to become the first LEED-Homes Platinum multifamily structure in all of Pennsylvania.
(Poly-Soy TopCoat Finish)
Thin Flats comprises a four-story block divided into four 18-foot-wide townhouses. Each building contains a two-story upper and lower duplex apartment. (A second building, a single-family house that terminates the street’s row of homes, is still under construction.) Click here for the GreenSource link

Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, LEED Gold Certified: (SoyCrete Concrete Stain)
Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) Headquarters Building located in North Little Rock. From the outset, ADEQ's goal was to become the first "green" state government facility in Arkansas and to be the first state building to achieve dual certification through both the LEED and Green Globes rating systems. You may read more about this Green facility on TME, Inc website. Click here
Photo Link

Charlottesville Transit Center, LEED Gold Certified: (SoyCrete Concrete Stain & Acri-Soy Sealer)
This downtown transit station operated by the city of Charlottesville, VA achieved LEED Gold certification. SoyCrete Concrete Stain and Acri-Soy Sealer was installed. You may read more about this Green facility in the GreenSource Magazine weblink. Click here
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Scottsdale, AZ Residence, LEED Platinum Certified: (DuraSoy One Paint/TimberSoy Wood Stain)
One of Arizona's first residential LEED Platinum projects. Project submitted by Natural Territory of Scottsdale.
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Tempe, AZ Residence, LEED Platinum Certified: (DuraSoy One Paint/TimberSoy Wood Stain)
One of Arizona's first residential LEED Platinum projects. Project submitted by Natural Territory of Scottsdale.
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Cesar Chavez High School, LEED Certified: (SoyCrete/Acri-Soy Exterior Courtyard Decorative Art Project)
An exterior courtyard decorative art project installed by Centennial Surfaces
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Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, LEED Certified: (SoyCrete/Acri-Soy)
Established as a public trust in 1895, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh serves the citizens of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County with a distinguished history of leadership among the country’s great public libraries. Through its 19 neighborhood locations, including Main Library and the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is the region’s most visited asset, with 2.6 million visitors in 2008. Each year the Library provides valuable resources, programs, classes and training opportunities that engage the community in literacy, and life-long learning.

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Brooklyn Bowl, LEED Certified: (Eco Tuff High Traffic Clear Coat)
Brooklyn Bowl is the first LEED Certified bowling facility in Brooklyn, NY. The facility prides itself on it commitment to sustainability. Click Here to view their green commitment. Project submitted by Get Real Surfaces of NY.
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NAHB National Green Building Program

The New American Home 2009- Las Vegas, NV (TimberSoy Wood Stain)
Eco Safety Products donates TimberSoy Wood Stain in association with Las Vegas dealer Cutting Edge Industries. This sustainable home showcase achieved a Gold Level under the NAHB Green Building Program. For more information on the project, Click Here
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