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TimberSoy Penetrating Natural Wood Stain
A Non-Toxic, Virtually Odorless Interior and Exterior Wood Stain

The world's best non toxic eco friendly wood stain, engineered to preserve, protect, and beautify natural wood substrates without combustible or toxic solvents. Non-film forming, penetrating non toxic wood stain chemistry will not flake or peel. Recoats of the wood stain or maintenance touch up of existing wood stain do not require stripping the wood in most cases. Achieve more Green Building LEED attributes than any other wood stain technology with superior professional grade performance. The best balance of sustainability, performance and value. Typical wood stain coverage rates are more than 2X's compared to conventional wood stains. Check out our other Natural Wood Stain here!

Eco Friendly Wood Stain Uses: Wood floors, wood decks, wood fences, wood trim, wood cabinets, wood furniture, baby cribs, baby furniture, log cabins, wood sheds, wood gazebos, wood pergolas, wood textured fiber cement, and much more...

Wood Stain Coverage: 400 - 600 square feet per gallon. (Less than $.10 sq.ft. for the lowest cost in class)

Wood Stain Sheen: A natural wood sheen. (Various sheen levels achieved with applicable finishes)

Wood Stain Colors: 35 standard wood stain colors from our color palette with optional non fading I.R. (Infrared Reflective) options. Custom Colors available. Wood Stain Colors

Wood Product Manufacturers:
Ask about our bulk wood stain program for wood shed manufacturers, wood gazebo manufacturers, wood furniture manufacturers and more. Achieve more sustainability attributes and the industry best wood stain pricing.

Petro-Solvent Free | Glycol Ether Free | Bio-Based | Penetrating | Integral Bonding | Virtually Odorless

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Wood Stain | Deck Stain | Fence Stain TimberSoy Wood Stain, Pre-Tint, 1 Qt Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days

TimberSoy Eco Friendly Natural Wood Stain TimberSoy Wood Stain, PreTint, 1 Gal Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days

Wood Stain | Deck Stain | Fence Stain TimberSoy Wood Stain, PreTint, 5 Gallon Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days

Wood Stain Colors Sample TimberSoy Wood Stain, 2 Oz Sample Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days