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Product Manufacturing/O.E.M.

High Performance OEM SOLUTIONS:

Are You An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) That Requires A Sustainable Coating Solution?

As an industry innovator that was founded on alternative high performance chemistry, we are the first and only manufacturer that delivers a full line of sustainable coatings and chemicals that are driven by consumer requirements. With over 10 years of expertise and leadership in the high growth sustainable chemistry industry, wwe solve problems by creating solutions that help your process, sustainability initiatives, and cost requirements. With hundreds of specialized formulations and custom formulation capabilities, we are confident of delivering optimum solutions that will forge a partnership for life.

Substrates and Product Solution Examples:
Finished Products Made from C
- PreCast - Masonry - Wood - MDF - Fiber Cement - Composites - Recycled Materials - Cork - Plaster - And Many More...

We offer finishes such as solid and semi-transparent stains, textured non-skid, opaque pigmented high traffic coatings, clearcoats, primers, paints, and custom product development.

Sustainable Solutions Advantages:
Environmental regulations and worker safety are leading drivers to change, but our customers also continue to strive to improve the quality of the finished product while improving processes to maximize efficiency. These improvements are enhanced by creating additional marketing value that adds to the corporate and product sustainability messaging to give you a competitive edge.

Specialty Chemicals: During the manufacturing process or preparation, cleaning, or maintenance, we offer specialty chemicals that maintain the sustainability consistency throughout the process. You may require surface preparation that involves cleaning, stripping, or etching that we can help you with. Furthermore, cleaning and maintenance of spray equipment, VAT's, conveyors, etc., also requires solutions that reduce air quality, storage, and waste challenges.

Reduce or Eliminate Production Challenges:
  • Regulatory Plant Emissions
  • Indoor Air Quality for Worker Safety & Comfort
  • Flammability & Combustibility
  • Hazardous Ingredient Reporting
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal
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