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Textured Foam Roller Cover Textured Roller - 9"
Online Price Only: $6.88 each

16" Wood Block Floor Coating Applicator Paint Pad - 7"
Our Price: $8.88
18" Applicator Tray Paint Tray - 18"
Online Price Only: $10.98
Magic Trowel, 12" Magic Trowel, 12"
Our Price: $23.98
Magic Trowel Magic Trowel, 24"
Online Price Only: $31.88

Paint Supplies & Accessories

If you want to get the best results from your painting project, you need the right painting equipment. We have a wide range of effective tools and accessories for applying our eco-friendly painting materials and stains. Our textured rollers use coarse foam to get the best spread and uniformity when using our Eco-Tuff coatings. Need to reach high or awkwardly placed surfaces to apply stains and sealers? Our wood block applicator pad is threaded to work with extension poles. Its foam pad won’t leave behind lint, and it can hold enough sealer to work into the surface for an even finish. The Magic Trowel is one of the most popular paint tools on the market. Its rubber squeegee-like edge lets it float along drywall and other textured surfaces. This leaves behind a smooth, even surface when you apply a skim coat, cover trowel lines or knock down non-aggregate textures. Painting accessories like our 18-inch paint tray are designed to work with our paint supplies, taking the guesswork out of gathering materials for your next project.