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If you would like to have your project submitted for inclusion into our photo gallery, please send your high resolution photograph(s) 300dpi to We would like to thank those who have taken the time to submit these photographs for others to enjoy and to help the creativity flow.

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SoyCrete Architectural Concrete Stain Photo Gallery

Deco-Poz Eco-Blend Microtopping Photo Gallery

TimberSoy Natural Wood Stain Photo Gallery

Eco-Tuff Safety Coatings Photo Gallery

Customer Testimonials

Residential Do It Yourself Projects:

"As promised on your site and by your sales people that I spoke to, the Architectural SoyCrete Concrete Stain worked perfectly, looks fantastic and is holding up nicely to the very wide and often very hot tires on my Porsche Turbo. What a great product, the application went as instructed, very simple. Compared to the other garage floor treatments out there that sell from the high hundreds into the thousands this is simply the best. The application can be done by anyone, it is so simple. Thank you so much for the "infrequently needed" over the phone help and for making such a great product."

"After 3 months of chipping away at mighty thick mastic with boiling water and a razor blade (after trying everything else from sanders to scrapers to chisel and hammer - they laid it on THAT thick) I finally broke down and ordered this Gel stripper. If used as directed - use enough to penetrate the entire thickness of whatever you are removing - it works very well, didn't think it would but it did!"

"Just refinished a table for the first time. Wanted to use safe products that would not make me sick. TimberSoy Wood Stain worked perfectly."

"Amazing Products! I can't speak highly enough about these products. Following the directions found on this website and the very helpful YouTube videos, I was able to remove the mastic, clean, etch, stain and seal my floor. I taped off "grout" lines for a very professional looking job for a fraction of the cost of tile. I am thrilled with the results."

"I had a hard troweled medium to dark grey concrete floor, I wanted it "white" and I didn't want to use acids. A pro told me it couldn't be done. HA! The Eco-Etch did an outstanding job of opening the pores, allowing for proper penetration of the stain. Fast, easy and impressive!"

"I have used another brand name stain in the past and this was far easier to apply and of course much kinder to the environment. I highly recommend SoyCrete Concrete Stain!"

"TimberSoy Wood Stain worked well for our green renovation! TimberSoy was easier than expected to use, and has only a mild, pleasant scent. We would definitely use the product again."

"Great Products! We stumbled upon SoyCrete products after being completely disappointed with another eco-friendly concrete stain sample that we tried. We were so glad that we did - SoyCrete was easy to use and mottle to get the desired effect that we wanted."

"This stuff is awesome! Not only did this product do what was advertised... last night, I accidently spilled some plumber's white tar thread filler. I don't know if you have ever touched that but it is some nasty stuff. Nothing would get it off my skin. I even tried my wife's nail polish remover and I was about to use regular paint remover/mineral spirits when I tried the sample of the stripper and it immediately removed that white tar all over my skin. Not only did it remove the mess it had a pleasant smell rather a harsh chemical smell. I definitely recommend this product." "If you've entertained any notions of using an acid based stain, send 'em packing. This concrete stain lives up to all the company's claims. It's fast, easy to apply, and most of all safe."

"Amazing results! I really like the stain, it was very easy to apply and seal. My wife is amazed at the result, it is exactly what she wanted. I especially like how pet and environmentally friendly your products are and without compromising the quality or ease of use."

"Hands down the most user friendly product I have ever had the pleasure of using. I almost thought the product was going to jump put out of the container and do the job itself, TimberSoy was that simple to apply!"

Several months ago we used the new Eco-Tiff, Non-Skid Safety Coating. It was applied after the Sealer Primer. Our purpose for the coating was to make the surface of our puppy pen skid resistant as the pups grew. We raise Great Pyrenees dogs that are used as Livestock Protection for all kinds of animals all over the United States. I had been wanting another type of surface for our puppy pen as any slick flooring can cause problems with growing joints especially the knees.

Professional Projects:

"I restore vintage furniture and the EcoFast Stripper works gently, but very effectively!"

"... We have been using acid stains for years. After using SoyCrete on just one project, I was hooked and decided never to use acid stains again. It is much easier to use, the colors are more consistent and I have complete control over the entire staining process."

"What V Stained Concrete and our customers like about EcoProCote products is that the product is Enviro friendly. A lot of people are more aware of products having low or no VOC. Our customers also like the many different colors to choose from and how we can install them making them look just like an acid stain floor without the harsh chemicals. EcoProCote is also very easy to work with and are always trying to improve their products for the consumer."

"EcoProCote is very popular among Los Angeles customers who are looking for true eco-friendly products that are easy to use."

"The EcoProCote products are our go to brand for chemically sensitive customers. They have a unique line of bio-based zero VOC products."

"As a Painting Contractor the Best thing about the Ener-G Heat Reflective coating is the long life of the product and the way the colors hold out and do not fade. This makes touching up the walls if there has been a repair after a year or two so nice. This keeps the house looking fresh all the time.
Our Customers like the fact that this paint really does lower their energy costs and the rooms are noticeably cooler. They can keep the Thermostats sets to a higher level and still have comfort."