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Reviewer: J.C. from McIntosh, MN United States
My wife and I just completed an 1100 square foot project in our basement. The results were amazing. All of the products (etch, stain, sealer, poly) were easy to use. The etch was a little uneven with a regular roller (I would use a decorative roller as suggested on this site) but all other steps produced better than expected results.

Reviewer: W.C. from Beaumont, Texas
If you've entertained any notions of using an acid based stain, send 'em packing. This concrete stain lives up to all the company's claims. It's fast, easy to apply, and most of all safe. My wife and I both got it all over our hands and there was no irritation at all. And soap and water took it right off. We've only just installed it, so I won't attest yet as to longevity, but right now it's absolutely beautiful. I do recommend using a lambswool applicator instead of a roller, and you might over order a little above the listed coverage if your concrete is particularly porous. This stain is it! Time for a quick nap before we apply the sealer.

Reviewer: J.J. from rowlett, TX United States
Hands down the most user friendly product I have ever had the pleasure of using. I almost thought the product was going to jump put out of the container and do the job itself, Timbersoy was that simple to apply!

DuraSoy Paint

Reviewer: W.S. from Delavan, IL United States
At first it looks as if you have opened a can of marshmellow Fluff. But the product goes on easily and smoothly (I used a brush). With a thick enough coat (which is easy to do) this truly is a one coat product.

Acri-Soy Sealer
Reviewer: L.P. from Phoenix, AZ United States
I used Acri-Soy Satin to reseal my interior concrete overlay floor and it looks better than when new. The finish is a pearly low luster that enhances the texture of the surface, giving it depth and richness. It was easy to apply with a 3/8" nap roller. Thanks for this high quality, earth-friendly product.

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