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How to Select Your Wood Stain Color:

We've made choosing your natural wood stain colors easy and versatile with virtually unlimited color options. You are in complete control in creating the tone, opacity, or optimum exterior UV protection.

TimberSoy Wood Stain Colors & Opacity Choices:

1. Semi-Transparent Colors: With semi-transparent stains, you are able to capture the natural beauty of the wood grain and maintain the natural appears. Since the substrate will show through, the final
stain color will be dependent on the wood species, surface texture, porosity, wood color, and the amount of wood stain that is applied.

2. Semi-Solid Colors: Semi-Solid colors will hide more of the surface color, tone, and character, while maintaining the surface texture and limited wood grain, but it may not completely hide surface imperfections if that is the intended purpose, where our solid color wood coating would be selected. However, a highly porous or a higher surface profile will allow more stain to penetrate which may result in a solid color when our semi-solid colors are selected.

3. I.R. (Infrared Reflective) Colors: All colors that you see in the color charts are available in an optional I.R. pigment. Select the IR Color tab after selecting the color type. Infrared Reflective pigment technology delivers the longest product lifespan and value. Infrared reflective colors reflect damaging UV rays and subsequently keeps the surface cooler. Imagine colors with the best available fade resistance that will last for 20+ years while lowering surface temperatures due to its higher solar reflectance value when compared to conventional pigments of the same color tone. IR pigments also increase chemical resistance in the coating system. These colors often outlast the lifespan of the substrate or resin system.