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Eco Safety Products will be launching our innovative permanent antimicrobial coatings and specialty long-term multi-surface antimicrobial protectants in the coming weeks. We started the research and development over 5 years ago. After two years and thousands of tests, we developed safe and effective antimicrobial solutions!

Now, with the unexpected development of COVID-19, several institutions came to us to see if there was safer chemistry available to replace the use of toxic disinfectants. We immediately sent our new antimicrobial formulations for ISO test certifications to one of the world's foremost industrial microbiology labs with specialization in the determination of antibacterial activity on surface materials. Our results have exceeded 99.9% efficacy prohibiting the development of the tested pathogens.

There are several educational components to adopting correct, effective, and safe infection control. While no one product will kill or prevent 100% of all pathogens, nor is it safe or recommended to kill 100% of all pathogens, our antimicrobial surface coatings helps maintain an optimum balance without the use of toxic chemicals or hazards. Our products also will not contribute to the development of super bugs.

In addition to our Eco Safety Products usage guidelines, we will provide our customers with useful information on correct cleaning processes that are both safe and effective. Many of us have had a false sense of security or understanding of how current antibacterial products work. In many cases we are wasting product while adding more harmful toxins in the air we breathe. We aim to expand our efforts to provide helpful information and alternative solutions in dealing with infection control.

As with all of our Eco Safety Products, the new antimicrobial coatings must meet three evaluation criteria in order to be released for sale to the public once it has passed our chemical screening process. (1) Sustainability: The product must contain renewably sourced ingredients, contain no red list chemicals, and meet the most stringent VOC Emissions Test. (2) Performance: The product must achieve the same or better performance results than its nearest same in class competitor. (3) Value: The product retail cost and/or true cost of ownership must be lower than its nearest same in class competitor or at least equal.