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Recyclable Microfiber Wipes & Mops

Microfiber towels help trap and control dust and other fine particles that can harbor microbial components. Look for the best microfiber mop, as higher quality can help ensure that microfibers are made and woven well, providing a long-lasting and reusable mop. Microfiber mop heads also collect and control dust and particles from the floor that could otherwise be kicked up when moving about.

In our sustainable culture, reusing, repurposing and recycling have become common features of products. Recyclable microfiber wipes provide the quality of a microfiber cloth but with the ability to recycle the wipe when finished. Ultimately, the best microfiber cleaning cloths for home or office cleaning are microfiber cloths that have antimicrobial ability due to materials impregnated into the woven microfiber cloth. These microfiber cloths have the ability to trap particles and dust that could also have microbial spores on them, reducing the amount of airborne particles and potentially killing the bacterial spores present.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microfiber

What is microfiber?

Microfiber is a type of material made from very, very small, synthetic fibers (smaller than a strand of silk!) that are woven together. Microfiber is extremely soft to the touch and is a fan favorite for cleaning because the fibers do an excellent job of collecting dust and grime and holding on to it. The synthetic fibers that make up microfiber are usually a blend of polyester, polyamide or nylon and are split for greater surface area. These materials make microfiber towels or mops highly effective for cleaning without needing a lot of water. Microfiber cloths are also incredibly effective at cleaning fats and oils.

How do I wash microfiber towels?

Part of keeping microfiber in good condition includes consistent washing. Cleaning microfiber is especially important because it is so absorbent. The easiest way to clean your microfiber towels is to throw them in the washing machine. Wash them in warm or hot water, with mild detergent, on a delicate to normal setting. Avoid any harsh or softener detergents as they can cling to microfiber. Generally, you want to wash your microfiber products on their own so they do not absorb or cling to the fibers on your other pieces.

You can tumble dry your microfiber towels; however, do so on low heat. Since microfiber is made with plastic fibers, high heat can end up melting the fibers, ruining your towels. You can air dry your towels as well — just ensure that there is good air circulation wherever you choose to dry them.