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Eco Safety Products is the maker of the EcoProCote brand of green coatings and specialty green cleaning products. We are the only company offering economical high-performance paints, stains, clear finishes, coatings, and chemicals based on our proprietary chemistry that incorporates 100% natural plant oils, plant derivatives, water, solvent free resins and applicable non-toxic additives. We effectively eliminate the need to use carcinogenic, flammable, or other common toxic ingredients that are used by our competitors. Our company is founded on sustainable chemistry and will always maintain our innovative edge that protects substrates, users, and the environment. We are the Sustainable Coatings Brand.  

Our advanced green chemistry replaces inferior water based products by replicating petrochemical performance without the hazards. In addition to using rapidly renewable resources, we incorporate recycled content whenever we find performance enhancements with economic and environmental benefits such as post industrial purified glass powders that are used as a crystalline silica free paint filler and glass powder pozzolans to reduce Portland cement usage in our concrete microtoppings. These recycled and purified powders offer incredible durability enhancements. Even our plant-based natural soy oil derivatives are extracted from waste stream production, then purified to extract contaminants and VOC's which improves performance, lowers costs, and keeps waste oils from our landfills.

Our Main Market Differentiators:

  • Rapidly Renewable Resource Ingredients
  • Recycled Content
  • No Red List Chemicals
  • Ultra Low to No VOC's (volatile organic compounds)
  • No Solvent Odors or Toxic Offgassing
  • Interior & Exterior Durability
  • No VOC Infrared Reflective Non-Fading Pigment Options
  • No VOC Colorfast Commercial Grade Pigments
  • Highest Industry Spread Rates (less material required, up to 2X less)
  • Fast Application & Clean Up Times (saves up to 60% less labor)
  • Fast Dry Times (typical 30 to 60 minutes)
  • Fast Return to Service (typical 2 to 24 hours)
  • Lowest Product Cost Per Square Foot

The team at Eco Safety Products has dedicated its R & D from inception to develop drop in replacements for toxic petrochemicals in every product we produce. We want our customers to enjoy the highest performance expectations at a cost that is the same or lower than conventional products without worrying about negative health exposures.

You can be assured of our personal and prompt attention with the focus on providing value for your organization. Thank you for your interest in Eco Safety Products. You'll enjoy our refreshing way of doing business! We look forward to working with you soon!

Smarter Chemistry. Performance Engineered.

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