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Through experience working with water-based chemistry in the late 1980's in the aerospace, transportation, and automotive industries, John Bennett learned that he could take safer, non-hazardous chemicals and use them to replace toxic ingredients without losing performance properties. Mr. Bennett began the journey to expand use of plant based oils and extracts to use as alternative solutions to improve performance of water-based chemicals without compromising health, costs or negative effects on the environment. He discovered that thinking out of the box would lead to a mission based effort that contributes to user safety, better indoor air quality, and helping to reduce the carbon footprint.

In 2004, over 16 years ago, Eco Safety Products (ESP) was founded on its sustainable mission. It was determined that by focusing on architectural paints, coatings, and specialty cleaners, ESP could begin its efforts to eliminate negative health impacts caused by these highly used toxic chemical products. The brand name for this full line of products is called EcoProCote, which now boasts having over 16 years of field durability that spans across the U.S. and abroad. From the homeowner to Fortune 500 organizations, we have achieved end user sustainability and performance goals. ESP is regarded as a bio-renewable products pioneer from its inception. The company has been able to create industry changing solutions by collaborating with their customers. There is an urgent need to reduce carbon emissions, improve indoor air quality, and meet the transparency demands of the end consumer. From coatings to chemicals, and even custom formulations for OEM finishes, the goal is to ensure performance without negative health effects on occupants or users health according to ESP.  

COVID-19 has brought many critical challenges around the world. Protecting indoor air quality and building occupants health is being threatened by the use and/or misuse of hazardous disinfectants. Experts confirm that we have a false sense of security and don't really understand how to use disinfectants properly. As a result, we are polluting indoor spaces with poisons and not even killing harmful bacteria. In fact, we may be creating super bugs instead. The years of positive work that Mr. Bennett and fellow sustainability colleagues have done to reduce indoor toxins are being threatened today. The core philosophy of ESP is to find safer solutions to toxic chemicals. This is one of the driving forces to develop better and safer chemical alternatives. That is why in August 2020, ESP will be launching safer antimicrobial protection product alternatives that are not only EPA registered, they are the safest solutions available. The product solutions that will be promoted is being called the "Safer High Tough Surfaces Program". Stay tuned!

OUR COMMITMENT TO SAFETY & SUSTAINABILITY: We thoroughly evaluate and screen every raw material ingredient using a third party service partner that compares the ingredient data against the most current GreenScreen, Chemical Scorecard, and Red List Chemical databases prior to launching a product development project. Additionally, every supplier must agree to participate in our full ingredient transparency program to ensure every ingredient is measured to a minimum of 1,000 ppm and most to 100 ppm, that can be validated, screened, and then submitted for USGBC LEED v4, Health Product Declaration (HPD), and other industry leading Green Building program reports.


All our products must meet three evaluation criteria in order to be released for sale to the public once it has passed our chemical screening process. (1) Sustainability: The product must contain renewably sourced ingredients, contain no red list chemicals, and meet the most stringent VOC Emissions Test. (2) Performance: The product must achieve the same or better performance results than its nearest same in class competitor. (3) Value: The product retail cost and/or true cost of ownership must be lower than its nearest same in class competitor or equal. Being an industry pioneer and game changer takes persistence, determination, and a never ending pursuit of continual improvement. Our team of dedicated professionals who are individuals just like everyone of our customers, gives purpose to our daily commitment to provide the safest and most effective products available in class.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Protecting, preserving, and beautifying healthier green building spaces with non-toxic bio-renewable chemistry.

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