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Few people realize just how much of an impact chemical products used in construction and maintenance have on human health and the environment. Paint, coatings, finishes, strippers and cleaners can all contain toxic chemicals that cause poor indoor air quality, which eventually leads to serious health issues.

After listening to countless contractors and factory workers share their experiences of chronic health problems caused by chemical exposure, John Bennett, Founder and CEO of Eco Safety Products (ESP), began a pioneering journey to produce eco-friendly coating products that are both high quality and free of toxins by using plant-based materials that replace petrochemicals.

Today, the EcoProCote brand has accomplished that goal and more. We manufacture green building compliant coatings and specialty chemicals that "check off all the boxes", meaning there's no need to sacrifice safety for durability, or health for affordability. All our products are:

Made with natural, plant-based ingredients that are from renewable resources.

100% toxin-free and free of noxious solvent odors.

Tested and proven to perform as well or better than conventional products.

Affordable and allows for a safe and quick return to service.

Surpasses the most stringent VOC regulations.

Perfected to produce beautiful results.

We're committed to maintaining the highest standards in sustainable decorative and architectural coatings. In addition, we're continually working to improve our products, while keeping the future of our planet (and the people who call it home) in mind.


We thoroughly evaluate and screen every raw material ingredient using a third party service partner that compares the ingredient data against the most current GreenScreen, Chemical Scorecard, and Red List Chemical databases prior to launching a product development project. Additionally, every supplier must agree to participate in our full ingredient transparency program to ensure every ingredient is measured to a minimum of 1,000 ppm and most to 100 ppm, can be validated, screened, and then submitted for USGBC LEED v4, Health Product Declaration (HPD), and other industry leading Green Building program reports.


All our products must meet three evaluation criteria in order to be released for sale to the public once it has passed our chemical screening process. (1) Sustainability: The product must contain renewably sourced ingredients, contain no red list chemicals, and meet the most stringent VOC Emissions Test. (2) Performance: The product must achieve the same or better performance results than its nearest same in class competitor. (3) Value: The product retail cost and/or true cost of ownership must be lower than its nearest same in class competitor or at least equal.

Being an industry pioneer and game changer takes persistence, determination, and a never ending pursuit of continual improvement. Our team of dedicated professionals who are individuals just like everyone of our customers, gives purpose to our daily commitment to provide the safest and most effective products available in class.


Changing the way the world builds, by providing non-toxic, health-conscious green building coating solutions that are beautiful, durable, and affordable.

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