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Concrete Stain Colors
SoyCrete Concrete Stain

A high performance interior and exterior decorative concrete stains.

The best concrete stain that integrally bonds and colorizes porous concrete and masonry surfaces. Decorative Concrete staining with SoyCrete creates natural and one of a kind variegated effects without the use of acid stains in about half the time. No neutralization or hazmat concerns and enjoy full color control with unlimited design versatility that simply can't be accomplished with acid stains. SoyCrete Decorative Concrete Stain may be used for both interior or exterior concrete staining applications and unlike traditional acrylic concrete stains and floor paints, SoyCrete Concrete Stain will not flake or peel.

Concrete Stain Uses: staining concrete floors, staining concrete garage floors, patio staining, driveway staining, pool deck staining, block wall staining, refresh or recolorize brick pavers and natural stone pavers, concrete microtopping staining, concrete countertop staining, mural painting, exterior wall staining, fiber cement staining, and much more...

Best Concrete Stain Coverage: 500 - 800 Square Feet Per Gallon. (Less than $.10 per square feet with our decorative concrete stains! Lowest alternative flooring cost in the industry)

Best Concrete Stain Sheen: A penetrating concrete stain that is non-film forming when applied correctly, thus the decorative concrete stains impart a natural matte finish.

SoyCrete Concrete Stain Colors: 35 standard concrete stain colors from our color palette with optional non-fading Infrared Reflective (I.R.) options. Custom concrete stain colors are available. Click here to view our standard Concrete Stain Colors

How to Install Concrete Stain- 3 Step Concrete Staining Process:
  1. Degrease & Profile Concrete (Removes all contaminants, bond breakers, and increase porosity)
  2. Apply SoyCrete Decorative Concrete Stain
  3. Apply the Clear Concrete Sealer or Finish Coat

Petro-Solvent Free | Acid-Free | Glycol Ether Free | Bio-Based | Penetrating | Integral Bonding | Virtually Odorless

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Acid Stain Alternative - SoyCrete SoyCrete Decorative Concrete Stain, PreTinted, 1 Gal Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days

Concrete Stain - SoyCrete SoyCrete Decorative Concrete Stain, PreTinted, 5 Gal Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days

Concrete Stain Colors Sample SoyCrete Concrete Stain Sample, 2 Oz. Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days